Vår framtid är allvarligt hotad

Sweden today is not a Mad Max film in which the protagonist is chased down the street by cannibals.

The supermarkets are full of food. Water is plentiful and the trains are still running. Yet you only have to scratch the surface to see huge cracks beneath the facade. Immigration is rapidly changing the fabric of the country. It has put huge strains on every sector of society.

The billionaire George Soros founded and funded the Open Society Foundations (OSF). Its name is inspired by the philosopher Karl Popper’s 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies. However, Soros has taken the concept of an “open society” much further than Popper ever did. Soros seems to believe that an “open society” equals “open borders”. Many Globalists and Multiculturalists throughout the Western world apparently share this view.

One committed Globalist is Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006 to 2014. He headed a center-right coalition government — center-right by Swedish standards. He is almost as hated today in Sweden as Tony Blair is in Britain or Angela Merkel is in parts of Germany.

In November 2006, Prime Minister Reinfeldt stated that the native Swedish culture was merely “barbarism.” All progress had come from abroad. In December 2014, a few weeks after he lost the elections and resigned as PM, Reinfeldt stated that the Scandinavian countries can accept many more refugees and asylum seekers than they do today. There is plenty of open space left for more immigrants in the forests, he argued.

During Christmas 2014, he went even further. He then stated in plain words on public TV that borders are fictional and that a country does not belong to those who have lived there for generations. Sweden does not belong to Swedes. They are not interesting. Immigrants from other parts of the world make the country “stronger and better.” He wants an “open” society, by which he clearly means open borders.

Fredrik Reinfeldt thus states that his country belongs to everybody. He supports and celebrates the gradual replacement of his own people in their historical homeland. He is also saying to native Swedes that their culture is worthless and that immigrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Tanzania are “better” than they are.

Reinfeldt was in Stockholm when a Jihadist terror attack took place there on April 7, 2017. He expressed dismay at the murders. In particular, he was thinking of the youngest victim, the 11-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Ebba Åkerlund. She was virtually cut in half when the Muslim terrorist drove over her with a stolen beer truck. According to Reinfeldt, her death “shows the price of the open society and the risks of religious extremism of our time.”

A few months earlier, in November 2016, Fredrik Reinfeldt in a book yet again argued that mass immigration is good and positive for Sweden. Mr. Reinfeldt regrets the death of Ebba Åkerlund. Yet he does not express any regret for the mass immigration that he and others have promoted for years. Nor does he express any desire to stop Muslim immigration.

The brutal murder of a Swedish child is thus to Reinfeldt’s eyes a regrettable price to pay for his policies. It is nevertheless a price he seems willing to pay. Would he also think it was acceptable if his own family were dismembered and killed by Islamic terrorists? Or is this price only acceptable as long as it is paid with the blood of other people’s children?

The Swedish police were poorly equipped for terror attacks. Heavy-duty protective vests, helmets, and intercoms were in short supply during the April 7 Jihadist attack in central Stockholm, according to incident reports filed by officers working on the scene.

Erik Widstrand, police chief in Stockholm, says that further terror attacks will happen. This is the new normal. He wants to educate the public in first aid and how to act when an attack occurs. A ten-point list should be made available on all workplaces, preschools, schools and shops. Swedish children in preschool should thus be instructed on how to behave during a deadly terrorist attack. This is supposed to create a sense of security. In an article in which the newspaper Aftonbladet interviewed Chief Widstrand about this subject, the words Islam, Jihad or Muslim immigration did not appear a single time.

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