Pamela Geller berättar om Expressens påhopp på mediekritikern Fabian Fjälling

1984. A 48-year-old Swedish family man by the name of Fabian Fjälling (formerly known as “Erik Johansson” on YouTube) had a knock on the door. It was on Thursday, the second of March. Before he opened the door, however, he already knew who it was, why they were there, and what was about happen to him and his family.

This is what happens if you ask questions in Sweden.

Political Correctness. In Sweden it is generally not acceptable to ask questions about things that are not politically correct. If you so much as deviate one inch from an idea that is presented as the norm by the mainstream, you are looking at having potential problems heading your way. Anything from simple attacks on social media to losing your job or getting your private property destroyed by radical political organizations.

Fabian Fjälling, whom this article is about, did not like where Sweden was headed. Unregulated immigration, the destruction of the schools by feminist propaganda, the exploding numbers of rapes, murders, and violent behaviour, and the overall economic corruption by people who want to take advantage of the destruction of the country.

Democratic Citizen Initiative. Questioning this, however, can be problematic. Fabian knew this. There was no way he would risk himself and his family, but he knew that he could not stay quiet about it, either. He searched for a way to voice his opinion without revealing his identity, and found a group on YouTube called “Granskning Sverige” (GS), which translates into something like “Examination Sweden”.

GS describes itself as a democratic citizen initiative that asks politicians, journalists and officials tough questions that are not politically correct. Everyone in the group is anonymous; the work is decentralized and without pay. They have posted over 200 videos on YouTube; several have gone viral in the mainstream media, but because GS is not from the “correct side” politically, the videos have been mostly ignored. Until now.

Exposure. About two weeks ago, however, things changed. A paper by the name of Eskilstuna Kuriren did an article about GS and, like magic, it went viral in the mainstream media. From every small local newspaper to the state-run TV channel SVT, everyone started reporting about it.

GS was portrayed as a ”troll factory,” potentially funded by Russia, that lies about everything and uploads interviews on YouTube that are edited to make people look bad. Never was the content of any of the GS videos addressed, they were just ”bad.” People who worked with GS were, of course, happy with the exposure they gained, even though they were portrayed as liars and trolls, because now more people than ever knew about GS.

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En reaktion på ”Pamela Geller berättar om Expressens påhopp på mediekritikern Fabian Fjälling

  1. Jens

    The reason why Eskilstuna Kuriren did this is because Fabian and Johan exposed one of the journalists at Eskilstuna Kuriren, Alex Voronov, as an islamist who supported the muslim brotherhood.

    This is nothing but a revenge from the islamist!



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